Who We Are?

After discovering the benefits of colloidal silver and producing it for personal use and for friends and family for many years, I decided to let others in on its multiple potential benefits. That’s how Naturistic Health Ltd came to life.
What’s more, I feel obliged to inform the wider public so that they can choose the best products for their health. Nowadays, powerful conventional medicine often fails to highlight and publicize the efficacy of natural remedies. We’re here to counter this t

Features of our Product

Head of Research & Development

Armed with a first-class Master’s Degree in physics, we have a head of the R&D efforts at Naturistic Health Ltd. He is responsible for the operation of all the colloidal generating machines in use at our production facility.

Head of Quality Control

Our quality control section is managed by health industry professionals and doctor of dentistry, who surveys the production process to ensure all our products meet strict quality criteria.

Business Manager & Head of Customer Services

We have a business manager and head of customer services. She looks after order fulfillment and heads up our response to customer queries.

Our Health – Our Choice

We produce and supply high-quality colloidal silver and furnish the science to back up its benefits. And you, you can study the facts and make the right health choices for you!

Our Mission

We want to publicize the benefits of colloidal silver and highlight all the relevant scientific evidence. Most people are unaware of colloidal silver, and seeing as the mainstream health industry fails to highlight the proven benefits, we feel obliged to speak up.

When it comes to health, everyone should be able to make informed choices. It is in this context that we’ve set up our business and continue to educate people about colloidal silver.

The People Behind Nano Naturistic Health Ltd

Naturistic Health Ltd is the brainchild of biochemistry and pharmacology honors graduate, Naeem Mirza, who has spent a lifetime studying natural ways to good health, focusing in particular on the use of herbal remedies. Over twenty years ago, Naeem discovered the benefits and efficacy of colloidal silver and went on to produce it for personal use and to pass it on to her family and friends.

In 2014, Naeem began toying with the idea of setting up a business producing and supplying colloidal silver. But running multiple online and London-based businesses kept him busy. It was not until the COVID19 pandemic that made his refocus and upscale Naturistic Health Ltd.

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