Frequently Questions About Colloidal Silver

What is colloidal silver and what is it used for?

Colloidal silver water contains extremely small molecular size pieces of pure silver. The size of these can vary between 1 and 100 nanometres. Groups of smaller material collectively provide more surface area exposure to silver material. This is why smaller particle size is better for colloidal silver – ionic colloidal silver being the best.

Commercially, silver is presently used for its antimicrobial effects in burns, wound management, bandages, composition of various surfaces in hospitals/nursing homes, water purification for drinking and swimming – these are some of the many other uses. It is even used in space station and space shuttle water purification needs. Silver is used in a liquid form as well as in solid products such as air and water filters.

Colloidal silver’s role historically as an antimicrobial is well established and is still used in many countries as a diet supplement.

Silver has been known for its antimicrobial properties for decades” – FDA Nov. 8, 2007

Where can I get colloidal silver?

You should choose a reputable supplier of ionic colloidal silver. Because of the relatively smaller size, the ionic form has better microbial and other beneficial actions.

“The ionic form of silver is necessary” –  British Columbia Ministry of Environment

At Naturistic we only manufacture ionic colloidal silver. As some silver ions do aggregate to become silver particles, our colloidal silver composition is approximately at a ratio of 85% ionic silver to 15% particulate silver.

Why are there so many different names – ionic colloidal silver, colloidal silver, and nano silver?

Ionic-colloidal silver is composed of approximately 85% ionic silver, and 15% particulate silver.

Colloidal silver has the opposite ratio in its composition. Typically, it contains 20% ionic silver and 80% colloidal silver. Since the term colloidal silver is the most common and best known, it usually refers to all silver water products, including our ionic colloidal silver. 

The term nano silver is more of a reference to the size. All effective colloidal silver preparations have nano meter size ions/particles with good dispersion.

What is the meaning of 20 ppm?

“ppm” is an abbreviation for “Parts Per Million”. This is a measure of the concentration of silver within the solution. This is defined as:

1 ppm = 1 mg of silver per liter of water
20 ppm = 20 mg of silver per liter of water

When should we expect to see results?

This really depends on quality of the colloidal silver supply and the mode of application. We have prepared a details instruction manual which you can request by emailing us.

Silver is found in human diet – “up to 88 µg/day (Kehoe et al., 1940).” – – U.N. World Health Org

How long can I use silver water?

The body eliminates 90-99% of  in a period of 2-3 days. So, one can remove any doubt of silver build up in the body by taking intermittent breaks. This way you can continue to take colloidal silver as the need arises.


The American Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states 350 mcg per day as a safe amount for daily use, over a 70-year period. This is about 7 teaspoons of Colloidal Silver daily over a period of 70 years.

Having taken colloidal silver, it’s making me feel more unwell. What should I do?

This may be due to “Herxheimer” reaction. We explain this in our instruction manual – which you can request by emailing us.

Should I put the colloidal silver in the fridge?

No, do not refrigerate colloidal silver. Just keep it out of direct sunlight and away from electrical/magnetic exposure.

Cans I freeze my silver?

You can as freezing does not spoil ionic makeup of the colloidal silver.

What is proper storage for colloidal silver?

Ideally keep the liquid silver in a tinted bottle, away from direct sunlight. Storing in a clear container in a dark cabinet is also fine. But don’t put it in the fridge or near electrical items.

How long does ionic-colloidal silver stay good?

The shelf life is about 3 years. Like with everything else that is health related, fresh is always better. However aged colloidal silver is still quite beneficial. Just make sure you do not contaminate it with anything.

Does colloidal silver cause Argyria – blue/grey discoloration of the skin?

We can absolutely guarantee that our Naturistic Colloidal Silver WILL NOT turn your skin blue or gray. That may occur if body accumulation is greater than 1 g.

That is equivalent to taking 125 litres a day. Remember that silver is excreted from the body quickly. 90% of silver is removed in just two days. So, a regular user taking an occasional week off from silver use may remove all possibility of any accumulations of silver. Typical routine is 10 days of silver use, with a 7 day off period.

Can I give Colloidal Silver it to my pets and is it safe for them?

Yes absolutely. Refer to our instruction manual for more details.

Can we use it on children?

Yes, it is safe for children. We suggest using half of adult dose for children.

Can I use Colloidal Silver on my skin?

Yes, it has been used historically on skin, and many silver products have been approved by the American FDA for external use.