How To Choose The Best Colloidal Silver?

Choosing the best colloidal silver can be confusing. We’d like to clear up the confusion with some key points to consider when deciding to buy colloidal silver. Remember these tips and you will become a colloidal silver purchase expert.

Tiny nanometer-sized metal particles (nanoparticles) behave differently than their bulk counterparts. They display the potential for greater use in medicine. One application of silver nanoparticles is the removal and prevention of germs and viruses. They have also been incorporated into products across industries to effectively stop the growth of harmful microorganisms.

Human exposure rose dramatically as the use of this new technology accelerated. But safety and toxicity standards remain unavailable. That’s why it is essential to know how to choose the best colloidal silver if you intend to use one.

What Form Should Colloidal Silver Be?


Colloidal silver is a dietary supplement available in different forms. Each type of silver colloidal is absorbed in different ways by the body. So the form should be a top consideration when supplementing with Silver.


Both coated colloidal silver and ionic colloidal silver are effective in their antimicrobial action. How silver nanoparticles are produced, delivered in a liquid or spray solution, and stored all impact the quality of a silver supplement brand. Therefore, it is impossible to anticipate consistent performance from colloidal silvers.

What Makes Coated Colloidal Silver Safer And More Effective?

Colloidal silver delivers silver atom clusters. They have a toxic effect on pathogens and a neural charge. Hence, colloidal silver exhibits low toxicity in humans due to its non-reactivity and controlled, progressive release of silver into the body.

In contrast, ionic silver is made up of tiny, positively-charged silver ions particles which are highly reactive. As a result, they may result in unpredictable reactions that harm one’s wellbeing and health.

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Below Are Some Other Reasons Why Coated Colloidal Silver Is A Better Form To Consider

  • Coated colloidal silver can safely and effectively penetrate the body up to the cellular level.
  • It is highly targeted since it remains intact. It also does not haphazardly get absorbed into body tissues.
  • Neither does it interact with other elements or bind with proteins while it makes its way to the cell.
  • Other molecules of silver (whether ultra-small or larger) are highly reactive and do not stay intact.
  • Coated colloidal silver is more potent and stable because it is intact and targeted.
  • It is not easily converted into by-products or other compounds. On the other hand, silver ions behave in a highly unpredictable manner.
  • This could be explained, among other things, by its highly variable size distribution.
  • Researchers studied silver nanoparticles (AgNP) and ionic silver (silver acetate) to observe how they are deposited and distributed inside the body.
  • The toxicity and structure of these two forms of silver were also examined.
  • Rats were given these forms of silver for 13 weeks, after which vital organs were observed:

AgNP (10nm in size) did not cause significant differences in the weight of the internal organs compared to the control group. Researchers also found a very low silver concentration in the lymph nodes, liver, kidneys, and small and large intestines. There was also no sign that pigmentation caused lesions, which can lead to cancers in these organs.

Do All Colloidal Silver Have The Same Characteristics?

Not all colloidal silver supplements demonstrate the same properties either. A study was conducted on various brands of commercially-available silver supplements to investigate advertising claims made about colloidal silver. The researchers showed that brand claims are inconsistent with the expected physical appearance of colloidal silver.

The physical properties of colloidal silver were inconsistent with some of the brands examined. Based on the best available evidence,

Four of the most desirable characteristics of a colloidal silver supplement are listed below.

  • Uniform size

One major consideration is the consistency in particle size. Coated Silver has been shown to deliver between 10nm to 12nm of nanosilver with great consistency. The consistency of small nanoparticles contributes to better predictability and greater stability of interaction with the body. Companies claiming a certain uniformity and size should provide an all-inclusive certificate of analysis of their colloidal silver product.

  • Small size

While coated Silver delivers 10nm AgNP, smaller silver nanoparticles occupy a larger surface area. Therefore, coated silver can easily penetrate down to the cellular level. Smaller nanoparticles can control inflammation and modulate the immune system. This action mechanism of silver nanoparticles prevents the body from attacking itself. However, uncoated silver can get stuck inside the body and may cause side effects. Only coated colloidal silver should therefore be consumed.

Silver products like ionic silver are not colloidal, even though they claim to have 0.5 to 0.7 particle sizes. They are highly reactive and could be toxic to cells. On the contrary, larger silver particles (i.e. those larger than 30nm), cause an increase in antibody responses that can be harmful to cells. Additionally, these can accumulate in the liver, kidneys, and other internal organs which can build up and eventually cause health problems.

  • Concentration

The potency of a solution depends on the amount of silver it contains. The quantity is usually measured in parts per million. Most products or competitors contain very low doses of colloidal silver, usually ranging from 10–30 parts per million (ppm). You will usually find it labeled as a silver hydrosol, colloidal silver spray, silver sol, silver water, colloidal silver nebulizer, etc. Some offer silver at 250ppm.

Only Coated Silver offers nanosilver particles at 20,000 ppm. That means you get more of the good stuff for every drop, unlike those forms that are highly diluted, prompting higher dosages to obtain the same effect.

Coated Silver can be watered down to get any lower concentration (ppm). It can also be taken at a higher or lower dosage as required. This makes it a more practical and cost-effective option.

  • Coated colloidal silver

Coated Silver is more stable as it travels through the body than bare or uncoated silver nanoparticles. It regularly releases Ag+ ions into the body, ultimately increasing safety. On the contrary, silver ions are composed of bigger silver molecules. They therefore frequently produce impacts in shorter amounts of time. Rapid discharge overburdens the body and is probably hazardous.

How To Test Colloidal Silver Yourself?

Here are some quick tests you may adopt to select the top best colloidal silver:

  • Adding a tiny amount of table salt to colloidal silver will make it slightly milky in appearance.
  • Shining a laser light with colloidal silver diluted in the water showing through transparent glass will create a straight line.
  • To test coated silver and see this effect, you only need 1 drop in 50 ml of water. This is because colloidal silver is made up of tiny fine particles that do not create a hazy combination even when suspended in water. Silver ions behave oppositely.

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The best way to ensure your silver is pure is to buy from a reputable manufacturer Like naturistics . When you want to buy the best colloidal silver, keep safety in mind and be smart about it. Make detailed inquiries to ensure you settle your doubt before making any purchase. For the rest of your mind, check out Coated Silver and see the difference yourself. Check out Coated Silver to experience the difference for yourself.


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