Can Colloidal Silver be Beneficial in Creams

Can Colloidal Silver be Beneficial in Creams ?

A growing number of people are becoming acquainted with liquid colloidal silver, the most potent natural agent for fighting infections. However, not many people are aware that there are some fantastic topical colloidal silver gels and cream-based products available out there, too.

Few people are aware that you can make your own antimicrobial, healing, colloidal silver creams and gels. The following is provided by Steve Barwick, an expert on colloidal silver research. It’s information regarding colloidal silver gel and creams that you’ll not hear elsewhere.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Silver For Skin Issues?

I’m a big advocate of topical colloidal products like colloidal silver gels and silver creams, especially for skin issues such as cuts, minor burns, scrapes, sunburns, and bug bites. Itches and rashes, acne boils, blisters, minor skin ulcers, and more. Sometimes these creams and gels can be used in more serious cases, such as topically-infected MRSA infections and more!

Most people aren’t aware of topical colloidal silver products even though these products have been utilized in burn units across the world for a long time, for example, Silvadene Cream made of silver Sulfadiazine. This silver cream, which is only available for prescriptions, is utilized to prevent severe burns from becoming infected since the majority of burn victims do not suffer from burns but because of the later bacterial infections of the burned, dead, and necrotizing tissue and skin.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Silver For Skin Issues?

Silvadene Cream can also be used in small tubes to treat severe sunburns. I came across the cream about 25 years ago while going fishing in Colorado and returning home with a red, swollen face. The doctor at the local clinic looked me in the eye and recommended a Silvadene Cream, which I’d not heard of prior to that. In just a few applications, my pain had gone, and the blisters began to heal, and in a matter of days, my skin appeared like new!

No Surprise! That was my initial introduction to the amazing healing properties of silver. It’s not a surprise to learn that people see fantastic results using topical, over-the-counter colloidal cream and silver gel also. Like orally in questionable silver liquids, I am not a fan of using excessive quantities of silver-containing products for topical use for long durations of time.

In my opinion, there isn’t any requirement for long-term, daily use of these products. Rather, more frequent brief-term usage from time to time in situations that require it. In this regard, here is a short review of some top-quality colloidal silver products that I’ve used to a great results.ASAP Colloidal Gold Gel which has 24 ppm of colloidal silver, is one of my top-rated products for topical use and is absolutely fantastic for skin problems.

[products ]

My 83-year-old mother utilized this product for an itchy MRSA outbreak. She found it to be highly efficient in relieving itching and pain while reducing and controlling the infection until it fully recovered. Mom keeps calling me to order additional gel every now and then; when she has rashes or itchy skin, she’s worried about developing MRSA once more. However, after a few days’ worths of treatment and a few days of use, she’s happy to see the problem go disappear completely.

Therefore, its efficacy is not questioned in her eyes (and my own). Although her doctor informed her that once the local MRSA outbreaks begin to appear to help people just like her, “you simply have to be prepared for them because they’ll come again,” she’s not had an additional MRSA incident since that initial one (well over a year later).

ASAP Ultimate Skin and Body Care Gel are sold on as well as several other stores like The latest update: American Biotech may have recently changed the name of the item to ASAP 365 Silver Gel. It is available at

  • Sovereign Silver Gel

A lot of people recommend a topical gel called Sovereign First Aid Gel. This gel contains silver levels that are homeopathic (10x 10x, 20x, 30x) in addition to agent submetallic that is, in other words, silver that is metallic (the quantity of the Argentum metal is not known). Sovereign Silver Gel has a massive following among those who are aware of topical silver products. It is also frequently suggested by the well-known radio talk show about health freedom presenter Robert Scott Bell.

This highly-rated product is available on both as well as I’ve used it with very excellent effect to treat topical issues like burns, cuts and rough and rough skin.

  •  Silver Miracles Gel

I’ve been playing around with a different topical gel recently known as Colloidal Silver Gel by Naturistics. It has 75 ppm of colloidal silver. While I’ve never been able to test this product for anything that is important, I’ve found it to be a very gentle product for minor skin problems like scrapes, cuts, or burns, as well as minor dog bites. I’ve applied this to the elbows of my hands which have had patches of rough, bumpy skin for a long time, and they’re smooth as a baby’s butt now. I’ve also used it on my mustache instead of mustache wax. It works fantastic!

The product can be purchased for a relatively low cost on or

  • Curad Silver Solution Gel

It’s true. The famous bandage maker, Curad, has a topical gel that is known as Curad Silver Solution first aid Antimicrobial Gel. Curad advertises this product on the label as “Your protection against MRSA!” – a claim that would likely land every other silver colloidal supplier within hot water FDA and could see their product removed from the market.

 I’m not certain what exactly Curad can get away with such a claim on its label, considering the FDA’s strict rules against the use of “drug” claims about cosmetic or nutritional products. However, it’s fine. There is now widespread acceptance of knowledge to believe that silver is a highly effective treatment for MRSA.

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 The Curad product is made up of 55 ppm silver chloride and an undetermined amount of silver Nitrate. I’ve read numerous times that those who suffer from conditions of the skin, such as Tinea Versicolor, have discovered this product to be very beneficial.

  • Silver Pure Cream

There’s a more powerful topically colloidal silver product known as Silver Pure Cream. It’s not gel-like. Instead, thick, smooth, and natural oil-based cream. This product is packed with an incredibly high level of silver-metallic nanoparticles (i.e., You can select between 10,000 ppm and three times that amount of ppm, or 35,000) that could be too much in a number of small situations.

When used topically, I’ve witnessed it do wonders for various issues such as serious Shingles eruptions (i.e., instant relief from the extreme itching, pain, and inflammation) in addition to preventing infections at the surgical sutures for those with an immune-compromised condition.

I’ve also employed it to treat the infected, painful and inflamed skin that surrounds my toe. It’s due to an ingrown nail. The inflammation gets worse and occasionally becomes infected, and when it does, it’s just the weight of the sheets I sleep on can cause extreme pain and discomfort.

Each time I rub the SilverPure cream several times per day directly on my toenail as well as the skin around it in a few days, the inflammation, pain, and budding infection have gone. The manufacturer says that he has clients who are using it to treat eczema and Psoriasis.

I personally do not recommend applying this product to the eyes, ears, or inside the nose because of the high amount of silver nanoparticles. They, according to me, could be migratory due to their tiny size. (The manufacturer doesn’t agree with my opinion regarding this.)

 This extremely special, strong, and concentrated product is on sale at Keep a tiny container of it in my bag, always in my emergency kit toolkit, and on my bathroom counter.

How Do You Make Your Own Colloidal Silver Cream?

 Some people would rather make themselves colloidal silver oil and gels. I’ve tried them and discovered them to be extremely efficient. A few people I’ve talked to use Argan oil along with a bit of colloidal silver. Some suggest a mixture of three ounces of Argan oil for one ounce of 10 ppm (or more) in colloidal silver.

naturistic colloidal silver

Other people have told me that they apply 3 drops of commercial 500 ppm colloidal silver product mixed with one tablespoon of Argan oil prior to applying it to the skin area of a problem. Some DIYers prefer mixing a teaspoon with 10ppm (or greater) colloidal silver and three heaping tablespoons of a virgin, raw coconut oil to create a wonderful homemade, topical colloidal silver cream.

 Coconut oil is not just antibacterial and antiviral, but it is also antifungal. When combined with colloidal silver, it provides an antimicrobial “knockout” punch that is second to none. Similar to this, many use a blend made of 100% Pure Aloe Vera Gel with colloidal silver. This is among my top topical skin treatments because Aloe is potent beneficial properties for healing on its own.

You can also read “How to make Colloidal Silver


 If you’re looking for skincare, there are many options in the marketplace. From over-the-counter creams, ointments, and creams to natural remedies such as colloidal silver cream or gel, you can locate products that are likely to be effective for your requirements. Silver has been proven to possess antibacterial and antiviral qualities, making it an ideal option for treating skin problems. If you’re looking for an organic remedy that could aid in a variety of skin problems, the colloidal silver cream or gel might be the ideal choice for you.

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