Effect Of Silver ON The Human Body

Effect Of Silver ON The Human Body

One of the elements that make up the Earth is Silver. It is a rare metal that is present in nature both in its metallic form as elemental metal and mixed with other elements. The purest and most sophisticated silver technology to date seems to be silver hydrosol.

Since ancient times, people have treasured silver. It has been used in coinage throughout history because of its value, scarcity, durability, and jewelry and silverware. Silver has long been utilized in conventional medicine, although its therapeutic properties have been mostly forgotten.


Your health and immune system benefit each time you use silver. It works by eradicating the enzymes required for bacterial growth. Silver aids healing in a healthy, natural way without the side effects of antibiotics. As a result, you can have better health and well-being and experience fewer cold and flu-related illnesses.

Is Silver Harmful to Humans?

Unlike other metals like lead and mercury, silver is not harmful to humans and is not known to harm the nervous or reproductive systems or cause cancer. It has also been determined that regular daily contact with solid silver coins, utensils, or bowls has no detrimental effects on human health. This is so because solid silver is entirely biologically inert. Even if consumed, it would pass through the body without being absorbed into tissues.

Is Silver Harmful to Humans?


Risk Effects of Silver

Silver can have mild health consequences in high doses, such as those a factory worker would experience in an accident or from extended exposure to silver fumes or dust. Other than those working in factories where silver is produced, those who worked with silver during casting, melting, grinding, polishing, or etching operations may also be exposed to high silver levels. In factories or environments with likely exposure to a high level of silver dust or fumes, protective gloves, clothing, eye goggles, and respirator or ventilators equipment can prevent the mild effects.

The Advantages Of Silver For Health

Silver has always been valued for its adaptability in all of its forms. It can kill many more harmful bacteria than an individual antibiotic can do. As conventional medicine’s resources continue to diminish in effectiveness, researchers, consumers, and physicians are again more focused on silver as a critical immune tool.

The advantages of silver for health

Silver has reportedly proven to be quite helpful in the fight against various disease-causing microorganisms. It has been used for centuries for preservation, preventing illness, and boosting the activity of the immune system. A study has also established that these benefits are comparable to those of antibiotics. 

How Does Silver Interact With Bacteria?

They interfere with the bacteria in at least three ways: by interacting with the cell membrane, binding to the DNA of cells, and blocking the metabolism of the bacteria.

Silver Ions are 400 times smaller than red blood cells. The microscopic size allows them to pass through cell membranes where viruses reside easily.

Effect Of Silver On Health Disorders

Silver has been used to treat various health disorders such as sore throats, colds, swollen prostate, flu, pneumonia, children’s ear infections, yeast infections, cold sores and cankers, chronic fatigue, hepatitis, ulcers, dental hygiene, and many more. Given its enormous benefits, it is clear that silver products can be a terrific supplement and addition to any healthy lifestyle. One such product is Colloidal Silver. 

Silver Deficiency

The body’s inability to assimilate all the vitamins and minerals that nutritional elements provide may be due to silver deficiencies. We have a silver shortage if the body cannot digest these nutritional components for some reason or if the tissues are too old to perform this function. The body’s inability to combat illnesses and infections is the principal outcome of this deficiency. And because of this shortcoming, cancer, and other immune-system-related diseases only become more prevalent.

What is colloidal silver?

Some researchers and medical professionals believe that the absence of silver in the human body may contribute to the occurrence and development of many cancer types. There have been strong correlations between the formation of chronic illnesses like cancer and the low levels of silver in the body. The doctors found that persons with a considerable silver deficiency in their bodies frequently had long-lasting colds, pneumonia, or fevers.

A lack of silver can evidently result in a frail body. This is because the immune system itself is already weak and will be amble. The ability of silver to combat germs and viruses has been found, and this property aids in stimulating tissues that have been harmed by sickness or aging. Additionally, experts maintain that consuming silver in its pure metal form has no adverse effects on the human body or healthy human cells.

 What Can Silver Do For The Functions Of The Human Body?

The colloidal silver that appears in water is said to be among the most helpful and efficient types of natural medicine. It is an ultra-fine suspended substance that replicates the movement of fluids, nutrients, and healthy gases throughout the body. While cells beneficial to the body thrive in this natural condition of suspension, foreign cells that cannot operate there are rendered dormant.

Colloidal Silver’s Antibacterial Strength Is What Gives It Its Potency.

It is the only natural antibiotic that has a noticeable impact on the process of battling biologically harmful substances. The primary mechanism through which colloidal silver fights pathogens is by disabling the cellular metabolic processes linked with oxygen. By so doing, the harmful organisms are starved of oxygen, which is essential for energy generation.

In a matter of minutes, the pathogen suffocates and dies without corresponding harm to human enzymes or parts of the human body chemistry. They are subsequently eliminated from the body by lymphatic, immune, and elimination pathways. As a result, disease-causing organisms in the body and the food are destroyed.


Unlike pharmaceutical antibiotics that destroy beneficial enzymes, colloidal silver preserves these tissue-cell enzymes, as they radically differ from the enzymes of primitive single-celled life. Thus colloidal silver is absolutely safe for reptiles, humans, plants, and all multi-celled living matter.

Colloidal silver is used for more than medical treatments alone. It also guarantees protection against illness caused by viruses and bacteria in the environment. According to reports, Naturistics colloidal silver aids in reducing the size of inflammations, resulting in a more expedited healing process.


Daily usage of colloidal silver ensures that the immune system is strengthened with all the vitamins and essential components the body requires. What colloidal silver does for the body is given the organism the nutrients it needs to be vitalized, more vital, and more resistant to outside forces that could harm it.



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