Colloidal Silver For Plants

Colloidal Silver For Plants

Vital Roles Of Plants

There are several ways in which humans depend on plants, whether directly or indirectly, every human and are depending on plants for their growth and development. There are many reasons why we depend on plants, but one of the major reasons for that is Consumption. Consumption is one of the ways that we rely on plants because we feed on plants directly or indirectly. And because of a process called photosynthesis, plants have the unusual ability to produce their enhancement, with or without the help of man sometimes. All the macromolecules, like carbohydrates, can only be generated by plants and cannot be created by people or animals. Consuming plant material or feeding animals that eat plants is the sole way for humans to obtain these macromolecules (herbivores). As a result, people require both the food that plants produce as well as the oxygen that is produced by those plants to effectively break down the food. As plants food for man, it also provides oxygen which helps to break down the molecule. This is why plants are very crucial to the life of man.

Also For the body to maintain fluid balance through osmoregulation, water is necessary for humans.

Vital Roles Of Plants

Plants contain not only food or consumable things for humans, but also contains water, which is also ingested by those who consume them. For example, Coconut eating might serve as an illustration of this. A lot of water is often present in coconuts. Young coconut water has a pH level similar to that of human blood, electrolytes, and other nutrients. These are typically found in warm, tropical settings where hydration is a big concern, thus they could be helpful by offering rapid hydration. Because of the crucial roles of plants to humans, this is why a natural product that can be used for treatment, for the rapid growth of plants to its foods is very important, which is the Colloidal Silver for Plants.

Colloidal Silver for Plants

Colloidal silver being a primary natural product and having fewer sides becomes fertilizer and a, which will make the plants grow well. Colloidal silver stands well because helps the plant to develop well and makes it mature, it helps the roots to grow deeper, it helps the plant to yield more fruits, and gives it a healthy life. It also causes rapid growth for the plant, while growing. Colloidal silver can do all this ability because of its potency and because of its natural ability. Due to its fewer side effects, it helps the plant to avoid stunted growth. This is why colloidal silver is best for plants.

Colloidal silver is natural because Pure silver and distilled water are combined to create colloidal silver.Colloidal Silver for Plants Scientifically, by passing an electrical current through water that has been combined with silver electrodes, it is produced. The silver’s minuscule particles split apart as a result of the current. When they split off, the pieces float in the water combination. To make a plant produce quality pollen, colloidal silver is misted onto the foliage. For 10 to 14 days, the grower typically sprinkles the plants with colloidal silver regularly. However, when colloidal silver is used, the possibility of a plant producing only female seeds almost becomes a given. Instead of the female buds that would normally grow on the weed plant, the silver colloidal compels it to produce male pollen sacs. Once gathered, the pollen from the male pollen sacs can be used to fertilize female flowers, resulting in the development of feminized seeds.

Benefits of Colloidal Silver to Plants

Additionally, it has been demonstrated that colloidal silver promotes all crops while growing, and makes them grow more healthy because while the plants were growing, colloidal silver helps in eliminating certain fungi. Examples of them are Sclerotium Cepivorum, a fungus that affects green onions, it causes a stunted growth for onions and can destroy the onion while growing. This fungus was destroyed and was entirely eradicated by colloidal silver. However, the colloidal silver affects the soil’s chemistry or makeup, according to the study. Additionally, gardeners occasionally soak the seeds into the substance (colloidal silver) before burying them in the soil to lower the possibility of mold development. Pre-soaking the seeds can improve germination as well. This is because colloidal slivers improve the seeds, which will cause the plant to grow well.

Benefits of Colloidal Silver to Plants

The nutrient content of your plants can also be increased by using colloidal silver products because it helps to increase nutrients. Colloidal silver can occasionally be used in place of chemical fertilizers by gardeners or farmers. This is because colloidal silver does the works of fertilizer and even do beyond. It helps the plants to grow well, and it does not have major effects on the plant unlike fertilizer, which has its effects. Hence experienced farmers prefer to use colloidal silver to improve the growth and the development of their crops, because of their potency. While chemicals can prevent plants from absorbing minerals, vitamins, and other trace components, colloidal silver kills parasites without interfering with plants’ ability to absorb minerals. It kills all the pathogens and parasites that enter nutrients into the crops.

A frequent application for colloidal silver is as an ethylene inhibitor. It’s capable of stopping or slowing a specific chemical reaction, for the effectiveness of the crop slowing it has also been demonstrated that spraying a little amount of colloidal silver on fresh fruit is safe for ingestion by people. The beauty of using colloidal silver in the garden is that it’s very safe for the plants, but it tenaciously targets bacteria, parasites, and other pathogens. It targets them and kills them all. Bacteria, parasites, and other pathogens caused plants not to grow well, hence colloidal sliver eliminates them all.

The potential of colloidal silver to detoxify water sources and reservoirs is exceptional. Many airlines use silver water filters to prevent the spread of waterborne diseases while in flight. It also made use of the purifying abilities of silver by creating a copper/silver ionization method to cleanse the water. As proven by the purification method’s original intended use of dispersing silver ions and eliminating bacteria in the drinkable water supply on the Apollo spacecraft, the technique eliminates bacteria and algae from the water. To provide your plants with pure, wholesome water, you can use colloidal silver in your watering can, rain bucket, or other water collection system to make sure the water is clear of bacteria, algae, and pathogens before you water your garden.

How To Apply Colloidal Sliver To Plant

This is the simple part of it. Get a colloidal silver product and Spray diluted colloidal silver on the leaves of any bacterial, fungal, or viral attacks to protect plants, flowers, and fruit. You may also mix one tablespoon of colloidal silver per liter of water. In my hydroponic system, I added silver to prevent root rot. When this is done, it will kill all the harmful substances and makes the plant grow healthy.



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