Colloidal Silver For Feminizing Seeds

Colloidal Silver For Feminizing Seeds

What Are Feminized Seeds?

After auto-flowering types, feminized seeds are the “easiest” seeds to grow. Feminized seeds have been altered to become female (thus the term) so that all of the seeds can be used to produce flowers. They are used to produce a female seed. Feminized seeds exclusively grow female plants, and if they are made properly, there won’t be many males among them when they sprout. One of the reasons why the male seed will sprout out is by many mistakes from the pollination.

But when the pollination is done well, the female seed only will sprout out in a larger percentage, and the possibility of having a male seed amidst them will be a lesser percentage. By mistaking a male for one, the risk of accidentally pollination crops is reduced. Using all-female seeds can be beneficial for a variety of reasons, including the preservation of a specific trait or plant species, and also reducing the percentage of getting a male seed, and also helping the feminized seeds to produce healthy flowers.

What Are Feminized Seeds?

A male-free crop is just one of them.   Although some people utilize plants from feminized seeds to get cuttings, it is advised that they use females from Regular seeds, because the regular seeds are completely pure and very natural and they can either produce female or male seeds. Feminized seeds are easier to grow and are too unstable to reproduce, thus breeders typically sell feminized seeds for their strains.

Starting with feminized seeds is advised because there won’t be any unpleasant surprises, such as seeds that reduce potency because there are no male plants, in the final plant. Changing or pollinating the gender of the seed to become a female seed to produce more flowers is referred to as a feminizing seed.

The Path To Induce A Seed Into a Female Seed (How it works)

There are many ways to induce the male seeds into the female seeds to get female healthy flowers. Some laboratories and some commercial seeds produce these three major chemicals to induce the seeds of Male Flowers in Female Plants: Gibberellin Acid, Silver Nitrate, And Silver Thiosulfate. All of these chemicals are good but have many of their limitations.

There is more possibility for accidental pollination to occur, i.e. inducing a seed and sprouting a male seed rather than the female seed, causing the production of the flower not to be healthy. One of the chemicals to induce effective pollination and produce the expected result is colloidal silver.

Colloidal Silver Is The Best Method To Feminize A Seed.

One of the advantages of colloidal silver is that is a natural product, and because of this, it reduces its limitations in many things. It can do many things with minimal side effects. Because of its nature, it has functioned more than other products. And because of its effectiveness and potency, it is still more active! The most effective, cost-effective, and secure way to create feminized seeds is by using ionic colloidal silver.

Colloidal Silver Is The Best Method To Feminize A Seed

Female cannabis plants that are routinely sprayed with a  Naturistics colloidal silver solution in the early stages of flowering will produce male “balls” (which are filled with female pollen) instead of buds. This enables the producer to gather pollen from a cannabis plant’s female counterpart. This all-female pollen can be used to fertilize another female plant. All of the seeds produced by two female plants will be female.

For this reason, colloidal silver enables the production of feminized cannabis seeds and female x female cannabis hybrids, which makes the seed more effective to produce flowers. Also, a Colloidal sliver benefits from the fact that a female plant will attempt self-pollination as a final option if she isn’t pollinated and is getting close to the end of her life cycle. Because of this, occasionally elderly or stressed female plants will produce a few male “balls” in a last-ditch effort to self-pollinate.

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It will grow a few seeds once she is successful. When ionic colloidal silver is used, all of this becomes more possible and makes the feminized seed produce female seed to produce flowers.

With colloidal silver you will be able to achieve the following;

  • Using any two female cannabis plants (even clone-only strains), you can create feminized seeds.
  • You can constantly produce seeds
  • How many seeds are produced is under your control.
  • If needed, it is simple to create hundreds of feminized seeds.

This will eventually help you to produce seeds as many as possible and also be able to control the feminized seed and produce healthy flowers. This is the quality that colloidal silver has, and it makes it more effective and stable than any other.

How To Use Colloidal Silver To Feminize Seed

A solution made of distilled water and silver micro-particle colloidal silver. Colloids cannot be filtered out because of the way the particles behave; they never settle out. You can buy colloidal silver commercially. As an alternative medicine, it has many applications. It can be used, for instance, to treat burns, as an antibacterial and digestive aid for individuals, as well as a fungus control in horticulture.

What Are Feminized Seeds?

Make certain that the strength is at least 15ppm, ideally 30ppm. Male sacs with little viable pollen are produced when less than 15 ppm is present. Make sure the colloidal silver solution you use to saturate the cannabis is sufficiently potent (at least 30 PPM of silver) Spray the marijuana enough to nearly soak all the areas you want to produce pollen sacs from. Starting when the lights are set to noon, spray the marijuana frequently for 10 to 14 days, at least once every day.

The following are the primary considerations when employing the colloidal silver spray technique:

  1. Make sure the colloidal silver solution you use to saturate the cannabis is sufficiently potent (at least 30 PPM of silver)
  2. Spray the cannabis repeatedly until nearly all of the components that you want to produce pollen sacs are submerged.
  3. Starting when the lights are set to noon, spray the marijuana frequently for 10 to 14 days, at least once every day.
  4. Every day until you notice male pollen sacs forming, spray the cannabis with colloidal silver. Before they “flip,” some hardy types may require treatment for longer than 2-3 weeks.

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If these steps are followed well enough, then the best results will eventually follow and the colloidal silver will give its best. This is the reason why colloidal silver is best for feminizing seeds, because of its potency and effectiveness, and natural ability.

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