Colloidal Silver For Pregnancy

colloidal silver for pregnancy

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Research has shown that colloidal silver is beneficial to the skin because of its antimicrobial, antifungal, and antibacterial properties that help to fight germs and viruses on the skin. But going deeper into research, we found out that colloidal silver has health benefits for pregnancy.

Pregnancy is one of the most vulnerable times in a woman’s life when the physical changes can even surprise more seasoned mothers. The body requires additional mineral and vitamin intake, but it is also more vulnerable to bacterial and fungal invasion, especially in the vaginal and urinary tracts. Due to the fact that colloidal silver has antibacterial qualities and since antibiotics are rarely used during pregnancy, it is a fantastic and very effective replacement.

The vagina’s pH falls to levels that are suitable for Candida Albicans, the fungus that causes yeast infections, to flourish as a result of the rise in hormone levels. Due to the pregnancy-related restrictions on their use, there aren’t many alternatives remaining for regular antifungal medications. Thankfully, colloidal silver is incredibly effective at treating candidiasis, especially if the usual diet includes foods high in probiotic cultures.

Now the question is:

Is Colloidal Silver Safe For Pregnancy?

As far as I am aware, there have been no significant clinical investigations into the safety of colloidal silver use in human pregnancy. The use of Naturictic colloidal silver during pregnancy is therefore not supported by any scientific research. Nevertheless, there is a ton of anecdotal data demonstrating that taking colloidal silver during pregnancy had no negative consequences on the unborn child.


Despite the fact that there is no proof that colloidal silver harms the developing fetus or the development of the pregnancy, you should speak with your doctor and a homeopath before starting any daily dosage to make sure that your health is being constantly monitored. Urinary tract infections, which are often managed with antibiotics, are another common health issue during pregnancy. At the level of the kidneys and surrounding organs, a specified dose of colloidal silver diluted in water has a strong antimicrobial action.

In addition to promoting the baby’s healthy development, studies suggest that using colloidal silver throughout pregnancy also makes labor and recuperation after delivery much simpler. It is crucial that pregnant women exclusively utilize high-quality products during this time, ideally silver mesocolloids, the finest form of silver particles suspended in distilled water.

In addition to the usage of  Naturistics colloidal silver, a balanced diet full of the vitamins, minerals, and proteins essential for the healthy development of mother and child should be consumed. Colloidal silver will maintain the woman’s body strong and shielded from pathogens, viruses, and any other invaders the immune system requires assistance with.

Dr. Kurt Grange, Ph.D., N.D., a nutritional physiologist, in his famous book and lecture says:

“For youngsters, pregnant women, and nursing mothers, colloidal silver seems to be safe. It has no taste or odor, doesn’t contain free radicals, doesn’t harm human enzymes, and doesn’t interfere with the effectiveness of pharmaceuticals. When consumed internally, it may enhance digestion and aid in the prevention of the flu, the cold, and any other illnesses brought on by living things. You can atomize, nebulize, inhale, or use it as a douche.”

Women who are pregnant can use colloidal silver without risk because it is non-toxic. There’s no need to be concerned about any adverse effects as long as the supplement is created using pure, sterile, and pure water. Although there are no known hazards associated with consuming colloidal silver while pregnant, pregnant women should stay away from excessive amounts of vitamin A.

The quality of the water that is used for drinking in your neighborhood should also be taken into account. Keep the amount of the mineral in mind when evaluating the safety of colloidal silver. Taking this substance while pregnant is safe because it is non-toxic. It is non-toxic in addition to being secure. You can therefore feel fine after consuming one tsp each day. Before ingesting any supplements, a doctor’s consultation is advised. Generally speaking, this supplement is secure and efficient.


When using colloidal silver while pregnant, some safety measures must be implemented. You should, in particular, speak with a doctor before taking it. According to the FDA, it is not a mineral that is required during pregnancy. Furthermore, it has no proven advantages. Avoid consuming water containing colloidal silver if you’re expecting it. Make sure any supplements you take are safe by checking the label.

However, if consumed too much while pregnant, colloidal silver can be harmful to the fetus. Pregnant women who are unsure of their capacity to conceive should avoid it despite the low risk of harm. Utilizing colloidal silver when pregnant carries relatively few dangers. In this situation, it can assist with disease or infection symptoms. However, it is still crucial to speak with a doctor before using it.

An inert material called colloidal silver can have an impact on the fetus of a pregnant mother. A trace amount might cause the skin to become blue. It may also make miscarriages more likely. Therefore, pregnant women should stay away from colloidal silver. The mother won’t be able to become pregnant if the child is born with a birth defect.

Unfortunately, the advantages of colloidal silver during pregnancy are not widely known. However, many symptoms of infection and disease can be successfully treated with this natural material. The fetus may suffer harm from infection. Pregnant women are advised to speak with a doctor before using it. Using it in the second trimester is safe. The body of a pregnant woman needs more calcium to develop properly. And the danger of having anemia increases with the level of iron.

The drawback of colloidal mercury during pregnancy is that it is poisonous. You should first speak with a healthcare provider before consuming colloidal silver if you desire to do so while pregnant. To be certain of its safety if you are unsure, speak with your doctor. Taking the supplement is not the only way to take advantage of colloidal silver’s pregnancy-related advantages. There are many advantages to using it. It occasionally aids in the reduction of disease or infection symptoms. Pregnant women should be aware of the hazards linked with it, nevertheless, in terms of its safety.

One such product to use during pregnancy is colloidal silver. But as with anything else, it’s advisable to use a product that has the identity, strength, purity, and quality that is safe and effective for use.




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